Organizing a library is a beautiful and challenging task at the same time.
From the first ones, born in the temples of ancient cultures such as the Assyrian, Phoenician and Egyptian to the present days thousands of years have passed, loaded with dreams, utopias, gods, empires and amazing discoveries.
Some libraries were undeniable beacons of light of their time, such as "Alejandría", and other fictional ones like "Babel", imagined by Jorge Luis Borges.
The supports used to keep the information have been changing: stones, clay tables, papyri, codex, scrolls, books, films, Internet.

Today, with the arrival of the virtual library, we can lodge the knowledge to be preserved in some remote and unattainable place, called server.
The latest technology has become the essential safe-conduct to take care of everyone's memory.
What is safe may seem to inhabit what is invisible.
Almost a proof of faith for most of us, but also a unique opportunity to embrace millions of people at once.
Libraries, as great reservoirs of the symbolic production of humanity, whether material or virtual, anchor their identity not only in the collection, organization and use of their materials but also and fundamentally in the look and purpose of those who create them. Every library, making use of its own logic, unfolds its "thread of Ariadne" to propose unique paths through the leafy labyrinth of its works.

The NETSPIRIT library presents a series of texts and videos that introduce us to the field of spirituality, in clear resonance with the latest discoveries in science.
It operates as a tool open to experimentation and change, as a bridge that connects personal and collective experiences, reflections and discoveries.
By inspiring us to expand our consciousness we participate in other worlds, which in truth have always been here. In short, this library resonates with the "good news" of an understanding of the reality grounded as never before by the convergence of Science and Spirituality, the reencounter of reason and spirit.

We invite you to visit it.

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